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Dealing with Low Performance and the Use of Performance Management Systems

As a Chinese proverb has it put, for every hundred men hacking away at the branches of a diseased tree, only one will stoop to take a look at what the problem is with the roots. This sets a sure background for you if at all you have a team that is performing way below your expectations. For you to deal with this problem, you need to ensure that you are tackling the problem from the root. Getting to the root of the problem is the solution to the issues of performance that you may be faced with in your organization.

This said, given the fact that employee performance is one that directly affects the the performance of the organization at large, many often opt for quick fix solutions. Such are taking the affected employees for a training course or having the affected transferred or assigned different roles. By and large, looking at these kinds of solutions, we see the fact that they all tend to focus on the ability of the person performing the job. Click here for more information about the OKR.

Many however fail to appreciate the fact that performance is actually a factor of the two elements, ability and motivation. Ability is the person’s aptness or aptitude including the training and the resources that may be availed them by the organization. Talking of motivation, this is a product of desire and their commitment. Looking at these basics we can see that one who has 100% motivation and 75% of ability will be way in a position to perform above average as a matter of fact. But one with 25% ability will not be able to do much however motivated they may be. And the same applies where only ability is availed and no motivation to perform. Read on in this post and see some of the ways that you can enhance ability and improve motivation with the OKRs so as to get the most out of your team, even those who may not be performing as expected.

But before we get to these, it is important to note the importance of the performance management systems in so far as the need to achieve these needs go. A performance management system will help you with the need to have aligned the individual employee’s performance with the overall objectives and strategic goals of the organization at large so as to ensure that they are working ever towards achieving these. Find more information here:

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